Press relations


Influencers and youtubers


Case studies

  • Konami

    OBJECTIVE : Create, develop and interact with the french community of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES); federate and mobilize the influencers at the lauch of the game.
    • Development and promotion of a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account
    • Creation and set up of an editorial strategy associating the game's news and football in general
    • Brand content and sponsoring : creation of video content with expert youtubers about football and PES
    RESULTS120 000 fans – 60 000 followers – Hundred thousands of videos seen
  • Warner

    OBJECTIVE : Creating an event for the launch of  Batman : Arkham City by proposing an immersive and dramatical experience  to the media. 
    • Invitation of 200 media, influencers and retailers to the very stilted "Wayne Enterprise" charity gala
    • Dramatisation of the overthrown party : the Joker's minions intervene and bring the guests in their universe, a funfair.
    • Design and coordination, search for the location, coordination of the different providers (set designer, caterer, hostess, audiovisual)
  • Dark Souls

    OBJECTIVE Gather and expand the community of the cult franchise Dark Souls for the launch of the two last video games of the licence. 
    • Creation of a Facebook App in which you are the hero in the Dark Souls universe, three paths, a variety of choices. The objective? Don't die! 
    • Writing of the technical specifications of the app, development, technical support
    • Promotion and acquisition campaign on Facebook 
    • Managing and interacting with the community
    RESULTS : + 21 000 fans and more than 10 000 participants