Press relations


Influencers and youtubers


Case studies

  • Meizu

    OBJECTIVE : Meizu becoming a staple on the  smartphone market by putting forward its unbeatable value for money and the audio quality of the Meizu products. 
    • Definition and set up of a brand strategy
    • Installation of a trusting relationship with the media and influencers. 
    • Organisation of launching and presentation events. 
  • National Geographic Channel

    OBJECTIFPut forward National Geographic Channel's main documentary, "Invent the future" through a special operation.
    Creation of student challenge to imagine the "objects of the future" in partnership with the ENSAAMA (Design School).
    An intense workshop week for the students enabling the creation of 6 projects selected by a jury of experts. The challenge has been promoted on a dedicated web platform presenting the documentary  and the projects.
    RESULTS :  More than 11 000 voters on the platform, numerous media coverage (more than 60 hits).
  • Blizzard

    OBJECTIVE : Support Blizzard, a massive video games publisher, in its press and influencers relations on its whole catalogue.
    • Daily interface of the editor's heavy stream of news
    • Ability to both adress mainstream and hyper-specialised media
    • Organisation and production of BtoB and BtoC events
  • Razer

    OBJECTIVE : Support the Razer Brand in its press and influencer relations on its entire catalogue and key moments.
     Definition and set up of a brand strategy.
    • Creation of communication and actions adapted to each product range.
    RESULTS : Razer is today the leader in gaming peripherals in France !
    The brand has now a strong presence in the media with a media coverage of more than 1 200 hits per year.