Our latest works

  • OnePlus


    Make OnePlus an unmissable smartphone startup and community brand thanks to the price / performance ratio of the products. 200% growth in media visibility.

    • Definition and application of a brand strategy

    • Organization of the founder's speaking

    • Installation of a relationship of trust with the media and influencers

    • Organization of press tours in China and the United States to discover the production and participate in international events.

  • Blizzard


    Accompany Blizzard, major video games studio and publisher, in its press and influencers relations throughout its catalog.

    • Daily relay of the very rich agenda of the publisher: corporate and product

    • Media and digital amplification of highlights, local and international events

    • Organization and production of BtoB and BtoC events

  • Level-5


    Mark the arrival of the expected new opus from a Level-5 studio's flagship license, promote innovative marketing operations on a global scale.

    • Definition and implementation of a global product strategy in the USA and Europe

    • Highlighting a series of puzzles broadcasted on digital media - website, video, images, social networks - and at events in major capital cities.

    • Highlighting elements of the game as media exclusive to promote their visibility

  • Shadow


    Support the startup Shadow in its media relations and growth. Introduce the computer of the future to all media.

    • Definition of messages and methodology

    • Organization of press conferences, participation in the CES as part of La French Tech

    • Orchestration of the founder's speaking in the media

    • Corporate and product communication

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