Press relations


Influencers and youtubers


Case studies

  • Playstation (Uncharted 4)

    OBJECTIVE : Create an event for the presentation of the first playable version of Uncharted 4 to the press, one of the most anticipated games of the year.
    • Search for a location according to the exotic theme of the game
    • Screenwriting of an original invitation for 50 media, bloggers, youtubers and influencers
    • Set up of an ambitious scenography composed of many references to the locations visited by Nathan Drake, the hero of the game
    • Production of the technical and audiovisual system (20 gaming stations, conference area...) 
    • Themed buffet
  • Activision

    OBJECTIVE : Ensuring the presence of Activision's main franchises on the video game's public show "Paris Games Week".
    • Imagine and create a specific scenography for each games : Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny, Guitar Hero
    • Dramatisation of the games' universe
    • Setting up the scenic and audiovisual features, schedule the entertainment
    • Digital activation
  • Warner

    OBJECTIVE : Creating an event for the launch of  Batman : Arkham City by proposing an immersive and dramatical experience  to the media. 
    • Invitation of 200 media, influencers and retailers to the very stilted "Wayne Enterprise" charity gala
    • Dramatisation of the overthrown party : the Joker's minions intervene and bring the guests in their universe, a funfair.
    • Design and coordination, search for the location, coordination of the different providers (set designer, caterer, hostess, audiovisual)